Sunday, January 3, 2010

Toddlers in Training

Check out our interesting stocks for those Toddlers in training. A kind reminder though, these training pants are for Toddlers who are ready to get off the diapers i.e: accidents (yikes!). However, these pants can also work as "underwear" or "panty" to those who are not ready to go diaperless. Made of 100% cotton and double layered at the "accident" prone area.

All training pants can fits Toddlers from 14kg and above

I Love PaPa Pink (SOLD)
I Love Mama Pink (1)
I Love Mama White (SOLD)


Pirate (Front)
Pirate (Back)

Spiderman (2)
Batman (1-SOLD, 1 more available)
Price: RM11.90 / each
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