Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleepwears on Clearance!

Mum's & Such is clearing out a few Sleepwears a.k.a Pyjamas to make way for new items.

1. Disney CARS Long-sleeve Cotton Sleepwear:

Size: 12-18mo. (Last Piece)
Was: RM30.00
NOW: RM 23.00 (Sold)
2. Spiderman Short-sleeve Sleepwear

Size: 18mo. (Last Piece)
Was: RM30.00
NOW: RM23.00 (SOLD)
3. Thomas & Friends Sleepwear:

Sizes (Please refer to the first picture for codes):
1063 (Green & Yellow L/S) : 6-12mo.(2) ONLY

Was: RM25.00

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Quicky Sale

Dearest M&S Shoppers,

We are leaving for an island rendezvous but we will not leave before giving out some discounts for this weekend only. Sale will start at 00:01HRS (Malaysian time) 20 June, 2009 and ends at 11:59 (Malaysian time) 21 June, 2009. Hitz.FM morning crew has regarded this weekend as Mother's Day so we call this Mother & Father's Day Quicky Sale! Discounts are applicable to selected items only. I will post out the Sale Price on the sale items and they are up to 20% discount. Good deal eh?

You know the drill: you like the item then email us at to reserve and you will get a confirmation email from us. Payment should be made within 3 business days before i put it back in the market. Let's be fair to others ;) Hurry!! Most of the items are non-restockable. Have fun shopping!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Ring Sling

Nice Bright Orange Baby Sling -- A must buy! M&S personal favorite
Price: RM63.00 (SOLD)
Color : Bright Orange
Watch these videos for instructions on how to wear your ring sling:
Using Baby Sling for Nursing/Breastfeeding

M&S Personal Note:

This is one good invention though it has been around for ages and we have never realized it. It is commonly used amongst our bibiks but of course the baby slings we have in our store looks nicer and trendier than the usual kain batiks. It is also safer with the strong plastic rings to keep the sling secure. The cotton/sateen material is soft and breathable so worries about babies getting warm while they are in it. I personally use it when my bub refuses to sit in his stroller or whenever he wants 'Mummy time'. I also use it whenever he is sleepy or when he wants to breastfeed. Yes, breastfeed! I walk in public places and IN MALLS while he is breastfeeding in the sling. I will use the tail of the sling to cover the 'exposed' areas. Putting your baby in the sling also promotes mother-baby bonding. No more aching arms for carrying your baby for a long time and your baby will enjoy the rocking feeling and the warmth of your body.

Baby Gap Bodysuits

I'm a Keeper Bodysuit
Sale Price: RM13.00
Color: Light Blue
Size : 6-12mos. (1), 12-18mos. (1)

Dreamboat Bodysuit
Sale Price: RM13.00
Color: Light Blue
Size : 6-12mos. (1), 12-18mos. (1)

p/s: Please excuse the lighting as i had to take the pictures in the middle of the night when the kids are all asleep or i will never get it done. Trust me, the colors are soft and nice. Talk about being a supermum LoL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Muslimah Swimming Suit - 3 piece

Size: XL (SOLD)
Color: Turqoise and Green and White

Size : M (1)
Color: Dark Blue & White


Size : L (SOLD)
Color: Black & White


Size : L (SOLD)

Price: RM100.00
Details: Comes with a short headcover, Long-sleeve Swimming top,
Long Swimming Pants.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Miss Giraffe

Little Miss Giraffe Dress by Jumping Beans
Price: RM30.00
Size: 2T (1)

Genuine Kids from Osh Kosh

Sleeveless Top
Price: RM35.00
Size: 4/5 T (Last Piece)

Floral Skirt
Price: RM35.00
Size: 5T (Last Piece)
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