Thursday, April 2, 2009

What we have in store so far...

1. We have re-stocked our Soapy natural soaps and we have GREAT introductory offers too!

Sampler pack (4 sampler soaps) = RM20.00 (choose from the sampler sizes available)
Buy 2 of 130g + 2 of 100g soaps = RM45.00 (save RM2.60)

*Offer valid while stocks last!

Check out the interesting and refreshing scents (Click on the link to take a peek at the picture):

Orange Mint - to soothe itchy skin and rashes
Fresh Goat Milk - for babies and extremely sensitive skin
Floral Herbal - to promote healthy scalp, hair growth and warn off dandruff
Lavender - promotes restful sleep and is a component of natural insect repellants and athlete's foot preparations
T-tree Lemongrass Lime - suitable for oily and blemish skin
Goat Milk Honey - gentle on babies and good for people with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, inflammation skin and other skin disorder
Oat & Milk - good for calming down inflammation skin and reduce itchiness.
Geranium Rice - it helps to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, and also works on the adrenal cortex, which has a balancing effect on the hormone system. Not suitable for Pregnant lady
Pandan Mint - refreshes and cools body down
Cocoa Butter - used in application claims to reduce stretch mark and cocoa powder contains antioxidant
Cinnamon Coffee - warms tired muscle or the body during a cool day with its cinnamon bark essential oil
Charcoal Tea Tree - good for removing impurities and sweaty smell from the body. Added with tea tree essential oil to promote better cleansing.

Macho - Man’s favourite soaps and women like it scent too. Rubbing the soap on skin in circular movement, helps to removes dead skin cell and promotes blood circulation. Pregnant lady, sensitive skin and children should avoid this soap.

Tomato Citrus - traditionally used to lighten and improve skin complexion.

2. Mothercare - apparels for Girls and Boys Clearance Price!

3. Victoria's Secret Bedroom Slippers

and lots more...

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