Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleeping Bags have arrived

Design 01

Design 02

This sleeping bag is good for toddlers who refuse to stay in their blanket when the air-conditioner is on and also a very useful when you are travelling long distance especially at night when the temperature is lower. Another usage of this sleeping bag is when you take your child shopping, put them in the sleeping bag and in the stroller. Don't be surprise if they fall asleep because it is just so warm and comfy being in the sleeping bag. Forget the blankie or napkins that might just fall off the stroller while you are busy shopping!

Price : RM68.00 (Last Piece)
Color : Blue

M&S Personal Note: Eventhough the tag says up to 8kg, I have proven that this sleeping bag can fit a toddler up to 18kg (picture of my 18kg, 3T son). Of course it would fit younger toddlers best. This is a unisex design as it has a boy holding a star and flowers at the buttons. Never associate colors with gender as research shows that this is not a healthy practise ;)

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