Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watch out... new items are coming in soon

To keep this online store up and going, i have decided to get new items that are good quality and affordable for all shopaholics out there. At Mum's and Such, we are mothers and shopaholics too :) Whatever we have in this store is whatever we like to shop, especially from other online store. We hope you will have the same shopping experience here too.

  • Baby Gap and Carter's Rompers - I love babies in rompers/bodysuits that is why you see alot of these type of clothing in my store. They look cute and adorable and chubby in rompers/bodysuits. It is comfortable and easy to manage especially during diaper change. These type of clothing is also safer for babies as it does not rolls up thus it prevents suffocation and exposure to cold air.

  • Baby Slings - This is one good invention though it has been around for ages and we have never realized it. It is commonly used amongst our bibiks but of course the baby slings we have in our store looks nicer and trendier than the usual kain batiks. It is also safer with the strong plastic rings to keep the sling secure. The cotton/sateen material is soft and breathable so worries about babies getting warm while they are in it. I personally use it when my bub refuses to sit in his stroller or whenever he wants 'Mummy time'. I also use it whenever he is sleepy or when he wants to breastfeed. Yes, breastfeed! I walk in public places and in malls while he is breastfeeding in the sling. I will use the tail of the sling to cover the 'exposed' areas. Putting your baby in the sling also promotes mother-baby bonding. No more aching arms for carrying your baby for a long time and your baby will enjoy the rocking feeling and the warmth of your body.

  • Baby Sleeping Bags - This sleeping bags can be used either at home or on the go. It is so cute where you cannot resist to show it off. This sleeping bag can replace the old baby blankets. Babies tend to 'come out' of their blankets and you worry that they will get cold. Most of our babies sleep in air-conditioned rooms. The places we take them for outings are usually air-conditioned public areas i.e: Shopping malls. Hence this sleeping bags will ensure that your baby is safe, secure and warm even for babies who sleeps on their tummy. I have tried it!

  • Helloyaya Shoes - a soft leather shoes and it is affordable! I have been looking for this type of shoes since my eldest son. Whenever i was looking for shoes for early-walkers, they are either too hard or too expensive or not nice looking. Early walkers are encouraged to go bare footed as this will help them explore and feel the different textures they are walking on. According to experts, hard shoes are not good for early walkers. This is the perfect shoes for your babies and they do not need to actually walk to have these shoes :)

  • KS Cloth Diapers - Cloth diapers have the same concept of our legendary 'lampins' except that they are more convenient, trendier and more absorbent. No chemicals used on these diapers hence your bub's bottoms and internal systems are not exposed to the harmful materials (yes, internal systems as the chemicals are absorbed via the child's bottom and skin). You will also help mother earth in reducing waste and you will be saying, 'who cares'? Well, if you love you child/ren so much then think about their future. Do you want them to live in a planet filled with rubbish and waste and polluted air and water? Then you DO care :) Just imagine how much money you could have saved if you choose cloth diaper. How many disposable diapers do you use on your child a day multiply it by months then years? I let you do the maths.

So, come back and look out for these exciting items soon: Insya-Allah by end of this week. Stay tuned!

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