Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soapy Soaps are back!

Soapy soaps are back in stock with 3 new favorites: Anise Cocoa Vanilla, Eucalyptus and Fresh Goat Milk.

Anise Cocoa Vanilla - to pamper and indulge your delicate skin. I personally like the scent of this soap... it has the sweetness smell of anise and ground vanilla bean to awake the senses. The Cocoa Butter adds extra emmolient to soothe dry skin.

Eucalyptus - easy breathing. The aroma of eucalyptus invigorates and helps to clear congestion associates with colds. It is also effective to calm skin inflammation.

Fresh Goat Milk - the best mild soap besides Oat & milk to help soothe irritate skin. Highly recommended for babies and individual suffering from eczema.
More soaps, click here.

Size: 100g

Price: RM11.00/each

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