Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleepwears on Clearance!

Mum's & Such is clearing out a few Sleepwears a.k.a Pyjamas to make way for new items.

1. Disney CARS Long-sleeve Cotton Sleepwear:

Size: 12-18mo. (Last Piece)
Was: RM30.00
NOW: RM 23.00 (Sold)
2. Spiderman Short-sleeve Sleepwear

Size: 18mo. (Last Piece)
Was: RM30.00
NOW: RM23.00 (SOLD)
3. Thomas & Friends Sleepwear:

Sizes (Please refer to the first picture for codes):
1063 (Green & Yellow L/S) : 6-12mo.(2) ONLY

Was: RM25.00
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