Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thomas & Friends Sleepwear has arrived!

Good news! Thomas & Friends Sleepwear has arrived. I will be sending out all the pre-orders by tomorrow, Wednesday 6 May because i will be away on a Shopping Spree from Thursday to Saturday. Yes, this is what Shopaholic mums do ;)

M&S Personal review on Thomas & Friends sleepwear: they are sooo adorable and the colors are so vibrant. I immediately grabbed 2 sets for my children and they put it on right away, took out their current pjs and changed into the new ones. And yes, as usual i forgot to take their cute pictures in it! However, the sizes are a bit on the smaller end i guess catering for the asian bodies. It has the original Thomas & Friends label but Arif had to wear size 2T instead of 1T since he is only 14 mo. and of course Aydin's top looked like a body hugger though he is only 3.4 yo. My advice would be to go 1 size bigger as to make your money worth ;)

Do drop me a line at mumsandsuch at gmail.com to indicate your interest and i shall check on the availability. I will try to put up the real pictures and the available sizes as soon as i come back from my shopping spree... wee!! I still have more pictures to upload but having a laptop in the ICU makes it more diffcult to do business :( Fret not! I shall bring back more stuff for the mums and their babes from my spree. Stay tuned!!

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